Monday, December 20, 2010

Five more sleeps!

Its almost Christmas! There are many opportunities for employment coming, so I'm happy. The primary one being the Youth Animation project with quickdraw. If I was accepted, that would really pump up the Jam for my blog. I'm also going to keep on eye on elance stuff. I wanted to finish my demo reel this semester, but life had other plans. I love graphics, but computer posture is killing my body! I'm going to add one card as a teaser, and more to follow on Thursday. Also, a follow up on my career net, and start book review. I need some more fill for this blog, but right now I gotta go stretch. OK kidlets, be back thurs!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


So much of my interests lie in the intangible workings of the brain, mind, body, spirit of the individual (namely myself) and the collective race of human beings.
Philosophy and reading, considering ideas, sleeping on it, and letting it sink into my opinions is becoming an enjoyable pastime, one that I really enjoy and am drawn to, especially when the physical world is pounding on the door, yelling at me to wash the dishes and floor, and pay my phone bill to a company I don't like.
It's funny how expressing these thoughts, even on type and releasing them into cyberspace to be potentially read or never read, is worry-releasing. I know that I have pent up memes when my sentences get longer and longer, becoming a fragment on a fragment of fragments building a collection of fragments that may connect, like the 8 degrees of Kevin Bacon.
One of my favorite pastimes as a child was to daydream for 40 minutes straight, on the school bus as it made its way to town, picking up kids in the countryside. I miss this guaranteed time for brain waves to flow uncensored, un-judged, without a price tag or time tag stamped and signed off on. I had 180 minutes to explore my mental playground, and today there's no appreciation for it.
I am so very afraid of the most illogical things, and it is this non-logic that binds me into the prison of self restraint, worry, and never feeling like I did or can do good enough. It's kind of like staring at the top of a sky scraper, wanted to get up there to enjoy the view, while walking around trying to find the door to the stairwell. I am not looking where I am going, I trip over the newspaper stand, the dip in the sidewalk, or the cute puppy and I get so angry when I fall on my face. I can't figure it out, why am I in pain? I have to look where I am going (long term = top of the building) and short term (the action of the street) and maybe even mid term (Where will I get the energy to sustain this maybe a teen burger for breakfast) I'm reading Tao Te Ching For the West at the central library, and I am learning so much to keep balance in my spiritual life. But I am not getting any further on my 'homework'. I am so frustrated, I need a guide. I need to remind myself the cost of DIY, or learn at my own pace is, and always will be, the great concept of Time.
Once I get the fluff out of my mind, I want to do a few regular things.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello, hello! Welcome, come, crowd in and we can get started...
First on the docket: design: Garr!! I can't get rid of my background pic or change it!
This blog is dedicated to building and supporting my practice as a digital artist.
I am currently off balance, out of focus, missing input. So here is where it all goes right.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to write on here for the past few weeks, so I decided to stop deciding and just type. And this is the garb-lish that came out. Fascinating. Well, it will be.

There is a bit of crud on th
e top of my bubble reservoir that needs dispelling, and unfortunately it is all over you folks now, so sorry about that.
My first post is a digital photo I made that sums up my mood, and work. It speaks for itself really. So enjoy, and I'll TTYT which is Type To You Thursday. Ok happy trails

Thursday, April 3, 2008

project 6 - beasties

For this project, I wanted to create sounds that would possibly come from a herd of imaginary creatures. Beasts seem ever more vocal when in groups. I compiled sounds from a whipped cream can, a bubbling kettle, singing wine glasses and a group of idiots laughing in Audacity.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

UBUweb sound link

Reese Williams

Monday, March 17, 2008

project 5 my sonic city

Using Audacity, I created 60 tones. Each tone represents a city. The first 30 tones are cities that I've been to already, the last 30 are cities I'd like to see. Each tone has a frequency which has been calculated by adding the latitude and longitude degrees of that particular city.

I've been to latitude longitude lat+long
Airdrie 51 114 165
Barcelona 41 2 43
Brisbane 27 153 180
Byron Bay 28 158 186
Cairns 16 145 161
Calgary 51 114 165
Coffs Harbour 30 153 183
Didsbury 51 114 165
Edmonton 53 113 166
Frankfurt 50 8 58
Genova 44 8 52
Hervey Bay 25 125 150
Los Angeles 34 118 152
Melbourne 37 144 181
Marseilles 43 5 48
Naples 40 14 54
Nimbin 28 153 181
Olds 51 114 165
Palma 39 2 41
Punta Cana 18 68 86
Red Deer 52 113 165
Regina 50 104 154
San Diego 32 117 149
Sydney 33 151 184
Tijuana 32 117 149
Torquay 38 114 152
Townsville 19 146 165
Tunis 33 9 42
Vancouver 49 123 172
Victoria 48 123 171

I've want to see latitude longitude lat+long
Alexandra 45 169 214
Al Qahirah 30 31 61
Amsterdam 52 4 56
Antananarivo 13 49 62
Auckland 36 174 210
Bangkok 13 100 113
Buenos Aires 34 58 92
Dublin 53 6 59
Halifax 44 63 107
Havana 23 82 105
Hong Kong 22 114 136
Las Vegas 36 115 151
London 51 0 51
Makasar 5 119 124
Margaret River 33 115 148
Montreal 45 73 118
Moscow 55 37 92
New York City 40 73 113
Nome 64 165 229
Ottawa 45 75 120
Panama City 30 85 115
Paris 48 2 50
Perth 31 115 146
Prague 50 14 64
Rio de Janeiro 22 43 65
Roma 41 12 53
Singapore 1 103 104
Stockholm 59 18 77
Tokyo 35 139 174
Toronto 43 79 122

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

project 4 max midi machine

A clip of the music played by my MaxMSP patch. Basically, a series of makenotes play a cadence, each note repeated with a varying metro time. Two high pitch notes and one low pitch note are controlled by bendin and a modulation wheel on the PC-70, altering pitch. A video plays, looping a dolphin jumping out of the water. Blue bubbles add to the look of the program. I started with the makenote patches. Each color marks a note: violet/eggplant for E, green for G, and cyan for C. I managed to add the bendin into the program, and a video which will loop. I originally had a drum loop playing, but due to readin problems, I removed it. The soundclip includes the Asian drum loop. I felt frustration making this program, it's tricky getting everything to work, but I was satisfied with the end results. I am happy with the notes, I love the sound of the piano. I didn't have a specific concept in mind when I started, but the sounds of the cadence, and the dolphin video gave me feelings of playfulness, so I worked with that. Hopefully that shows through.

link to patch: